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Scorp exhaust system...... + problems

Ok... now had the system on for roughly 5 weeks now?

Problems - Reverse gear getting jammed/ hard to get into reverse, and change gears feels slugish. not as smoooth as it first was with standard exhaust.

Took it to Renault today. They put it up on ramp and had a 30 min play with it, while i watched.

they called me over after a discussion and a few F words between each other.... and the reason why i cant get it in reverse is.........

The Gear linkage bar that runs alongside the cat pipe, is getting jammed on the cat/downpipe because the scorpion decat is so big.

Also.. the knocking from the exhaust... renault are going to make me a bracket and bend the piping on the back system and pull the exhaust over a bit to stop it banging on the brackets on the otherside the cat pipe.

and they didnt even charge me for their time... great service!

booked car in for 36,000 major service on Jan 26th, and they are going to design the bracket for me while its there *sweet*

ive asked if i can borrow a 172 CUP for the 1-2days they are going to have my williams. hes noted it down next to my name for hire car.. lets hope :D