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hehe the extreme interior really is homosexual!

but we best not start this debate again or the 172 boys/girls will moan:)

The 172 is a bit boring but i still like it, at least its not like a dynamique, which is reminiscent of 80s vauxhalls

rob - they have now changed the interior on the dynamique and it no longer has those daft squiggles all over the door card, instead it is just plain grey



excuse me?

daft? where the f**k are you? so i can come and slap you both!!

80s vauxhalls?- eh?

Thats ok then, still grey, boring. Ill stick to my homsexual green interior which most of you have never even seen in the flesh ;)



i have and now that my sight is back (bit too bright)

i can say its not that bad its just not my thing

looks awful in the flesh when the exterior is the same colour as the interior (billabong) - i seen one at the dealers today

[gay voice]

ooohhhhh, sailor, can i share your bell bottoms

[/gay voice]

lol..... Thing is my Extreme will be worth more when i sell than ur run of the mill everyday dynamique..... Plus its actually fasional to have colour these days rather than boring pattern greys ZZzzzz

The car is black bambam. Steve youre right, the reason i got it in the end was better resale/px value. Plus we got metalic, cd player free, and ive got climate so its worth even more than ur punk ass

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to get it on a contract is £35

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