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Seats : improving driver's position

  Clio RS
with original seats I fell too high and it's not the correct position to Drive (also legs are too bent)

i have the possibility to buy the original recaro seats of Evo... they are probably the same that there on trophy.

i have a lot of doubt between a monoframe seat (racing, no compromise, but also not legal...) and a omologated seat (expensive, hugly compromise, need bases)...

have someone of you some experience?
have someone found the way to modify original seats?

in the case I'll change my seats, I have to thrown in the dustbin my cd changer or I can put it somewhere?

thank you, drivers

i hope you'll understand my english :dead::D
  Mondeo STTDCI
Cd Changer can be relocated to boot.

Not really able to modify original seats.

Get recaros. 30mm lower.
  Clio RS
they needs original recaro bases or you can use aftermarket bases?

sure that only 30mm could be ok to drive with the right feeling?