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second car insurance


I have a willy2 but i know need to think about driving that on the weekend, so i have a valver for day to day stuff, but I know nothing about second car insurance any help will be much appreciated. I know you cant use your no claims on a second car!

Ive got two policies since LV wouldnt let me have tow cars on one. Its to expecsve unless you older IMO and the eason Im not keeping 2 cars on the road.
However some companies do let you have two cars on one policy try they allow 6 cars on one policy.
However most of these policy companies dont let you have modified cars on the policies which is why Iv had to have two policies.
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Im 32 with full NCD and when i bought my second car a TF135 my insurance company wanted silly money £1600 to add it on,but found it cheaper to insure it in my wifes name whos never insured anything in her life £400 and keep each other named drivers on each others policy.
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Ive got two cars on two seperate policies even got a 50% discount NCB when i joined , sure most companies offer a NCB to get the extra business esp if they already have a relationship with you

i have my 3000GT and my 306 insured with Admiral, i had 2 years NCB on the 306 and they gave me 2 years NCB on the GT as an introductory offer.

i pay £1400 to have both cars on the road, bearing in mind one of them is group 20, i dont think its too bad.

and im only 21!