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Selling car in parts rather a than a full car

  MK2 FRS/Mini Type R

Been doing a bit of thinking recently about getting rid of my clio, 02 172 - 78k no history and not really a minter!!... I will probably get about 2 - 2.5k for it!.. If I was to strip and flog it in parts Im sure I would get more.

Obviously it depends to the extent I strip it, but I rekon I could get nearly double what Id get for it as a car!

What do you guys think?

i did this with my 5 GTT. it is more hassle and more time consuming but i made double what i wanted for the car.
if you've got the time and patience its worth it.
  MK2 FRS/Mini Type R
Not sure mate, I ruined a gearbox at about 60K and bought one with 16k on it for £400

gotta be worth £800 ish...
You wouldn't make more than 2500 from parts I'm affraid, you'll always be left with parts no-one wants.

Engine - 500 tops
Box - 300 tops
Interior - 300
Then you're not left with much
  Sunflower Yellow Ph1 172
yeah really only going to make more money than the car is worth when breaking modified cars, is a pain to strip down and sell stuff individualy, loads of hassle and the money comes in in drips and drabs rather than a lump sum
Considering breaking mine too as theres around £2000 worth of mods. But dunno if i can be bothered.
  ZX6R B1H
Just take the extra mods off and return it back to standard, sell those bits and then sell the car as a whole.

I used to always break my cars on my mums drive made s**t loads over the years but always put it back into other cars. TBH there is only a handful of cars which i have not broken, Schweppys clio was one of them :) So break it schweppy.... :D