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Selling tips

  GW 200T
im thinking off selling my 182, what would ppl say is beta leave the mods on or take them off and sell rthem sepreatly. The bst way to make the most of the money
Definately take mods off. That way, it will appeal to the general public a lot more.

People can be put off by the slightest alterations.
What mods are they?

Some i would say people wont like, so it may take more time to find a buyer the mods suit.

Also you may make more money selling the mods seperatly?


ClioSport Club Member
  Golf R
Tell them that the mods you have done will remain on the car, or if they wish have them removed.

To be honest mate if im looking for a car im looking for a bog standard, so that i know its not been tinkered with i.e

Honesty goes a long way, chips and dents will give the potential buyer a wider idea as to the condition of the car.


ClioSport Club Member
  Astra VXR
When I traded my 206 GTi in the trader said he would of much preferred it if the car was standard! Still, only took em two weeks to sell it so not too bad for them eh...
  172 & RSi
In all seriousness though, if you do decide to put it back to standard I would be interested in lots of parts, looked beautiful when I saw it


ClioSport Club Member
I was thinking this with my car. as it loud and parts aint standard we will see when i come back from holiday what to do
  Renault Clio 1.4
Some people to think the car has be trashed if its had modificaitons but saying that it is very hard to thrash a 2.0 litre engine around town etc as it is capable of so much