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Sennheiser 'phones

  Go cry to your momma!
I'm after some bud style Sennheisers but can't seem to find any that have a symmetrical cable rather than the asymmetrical that goes around the back of your head, which I truly hate.

I realllyyy want a pair of CX300's but they have that stupid cable :(

Currently have Apple's own "in ear" headphones, the ones that actually go into your canal, not standard issue buds.
They've OK but I'm dying for more clarity.

Any other 'phone suggestions would be gratefully considered!
FINALLY someone who thinks the same as me!!!!!!

i ended up buying a pair of cx300 / 400's (??) and pulling the cables apart, and taping them together so they are equal lengths.......pikey mod......but there for the gym so run down the inside of my shirt.
  Go cry to your momma!
Yeah, the CX300s are virtually the same Jay..I'd go for 300s or 400s if they did them with equal length wires..

The phophet..have you not looked any further for some senn's with equal length cables?
There's so many people that want them without the silly "J cable"!

They make them in black and white..let's have a cable variant too eh.
na i havent, gave up looking tbh. everywhere i went all the buds i looked at were round the back style.

keep us updated if you do find anythin