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SERV + Airbag - wires driver's side

  Clio II dci

I got the serv + airbag lights on as far as i can remember, managed to turn them off like 2y ago for a couple months by cleaning the contacts but they came back, went to a shop and they said it was the airbag module which i believe is expensive to replace... but the thing is, now that i got a couple weeks free and been making QOL changes in it i see this;

Drivers's side;

Passenger's side;

It looks like the conectors are somewhat loose and messy from the previous owner..

My question is, which wires can i solder? Can i solder them all and tidy up everything?
Are those conectors just *connectors* ? Can i cut them off and eliminate the conectors ? All of them?

Sorry if this is a repeated question but i haven't found a clear picture of fully soldered connections on the seats of a Clio II ph 2 (04'), and since this is airbag stuff i'm trying to get clarification.

Probably the light will stay on, but at least i'm 100% sure it's not the connection here.