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Service and airbag light keeps going on and off


ClioSport Club Member
Was just on the way home from the scrappys tonight after about 10 mins of driving hit a very small pothole and the service and airbag light came on, it stayed on for about 5 mins before i could pull over and turn the car off. When i turned it on again it came on after about 15 seconds. It then stayed on for another 10 mins, and then went out for about 15 seconds whilst i was driving but then came on again!

its just had a service about 2 months ago so could it just be that they didnt reset the service timer?

  CLIO PH1 172
As above little purple clip iirc under both front seats put some tape round them if they are loose
Mine did the same today after i moved the passenger seat the other day, all i did was press one of the connectors under the seat, gone off now.

Also the service light isn't when it needs a service it's indicating a fault.