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Service book - stamping

I got my 172 from trade sales in Slough, and have nothing stamped in my service book. Renault have told me that to validate the three year pan European warranty they need a photocopy of the service book with the authentication stamp from the dealer in the service book.

Should it have been stamped, and if so does it mean that some pre sales service / or safety check hasnt been done? Has anyone else had it stamped or not had it stamped and still got the extra warranty?


Chogg, I would try searching this forum (if you havent already) as there have been a few topics on this subject. Might be quicker than waiting for the the right response.

Chogg same thing with my service book no stamp I also bought my 172 from Trade Sales Renault sent me a letter asking for a copy of the page with the stamp,so I had to send the book to trade sales they sent it to the dealer who will stamp it for me,Its been two weeks spoke to them today they said I will get the book back next week? hope so

Give them a ring on the customer care line 01753 443401 they sould do the same for you.

also send it by recoreded delivery they cant mess u about then

hope this helps richard