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service help

  Charged Superleggera

iv got a 1.2 mk2 ph2 clio. Its got 47000 miles on the clock and is a 2002 model. Its going in to get it timing belt changed tomorrow so i was wondering is there anaything else that should be changed eg i was told that the aux belt or water pump should be done too but not too sure about this. any help would be much appreciated.



ClioSport Club Member
aux belt is only a couple of quid and its simple to change nothing like the F4R i wouldnt even bother getting them to change it just do it yourself have a look in the engine bay ull see how easy it is!

canny mind what i payed for the waterpump wasnt too expensive
  Charged Superleggera
ok can anyone tell me what the cambelt tensioner and thecambelt pully are and whether they get changed with the timing belt.
  Charged Superleggera
ok. well i am getting it done at a garage and they said that they will use genuine renault parts