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Shall i mod the interior ?

I have already put 182 interior in my mk2 ph1 clio and all door cards.

Just brought 172 door handles and pedals and white dials and 182 surround for them.

I have have not fitted the handles or pedals or dials only the seats and door cards.

I was going to buy £70 mats for my car to match the interior and get a 172 gear knob.

What do you think i should do fit the stuff ive brought or sell it and keep it standard.

It all adds up with buying the mods and im only 18 its my first car and going to be hard selling it with mods.

Finally what shall i do about the seats keep them in until i sell or sell them and get standard back ?

Because is it really worth just having the seats and door cards and not the rest.

Ive been like this for ages going to add bits and then think is it worth it.

Its a real nice clean clio.

Now this is it shall i cash in on my mods and go back to standard or go for the 172 look interior ?
most of your mods are renault items so reselling should be better than if you had done lots of aftermarket things and you can always keep the old parts in a box and refit when selling, then sell all the 172 parts on after in my opinion
Yea all my mods are renault i dont like aftermarket items.

It all adds up but ill be done soon and once im finished it will be well worth it ill have a nice smart clio.
I was wasnt 100% sure in selling and the bloke rang me back and said what time can i view and i said its not for sale.

I cant part from it. :cool:
then id keep doing what you're doing then, sounds like its lookin tidy, put some pics up of the interior so people can comment on what you have done so far
go to and set yourself an account up, then you can upload photos and then put thumbnails up or links to the photos on your account
This is my interior so far just put on my 172 door handles 5 mins ago.
Ive got white dials and silver surround from a 182 dial to go in.
Monday im collecting my 172 pedals and megane sport 225.
Going to order my mats soon and need a gear knob.

  Golf GTD
Keep it modded mate, it looks tidy! Theres plenty of clio's about when you come to sell, these mods should put it a notch above the rest. As they are all renault items, it should add to the value, rather than detract from it.
This is my exterior all im going to do is buy some 172 5 spoke alloys.
I dont want to really do much.

interior looks good mate, and the stuff you have listed as future mods will look good, as for the exterior, colour coding is an obvious 1st choice, a health dose of lowering over some tidy alloys and that will look a lot better, the 182 alloys you're mentioned will look spot on, then a lick of paint on the calipers, and a 172 spoiler, simple stuff and wont detract from the value