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She’s arrived !!!

Just found out off my mate, my Cup has just rolled off the transporter

Oh Joy, only problem is I have gotta works till Saturday night and cant make my way to the Garage till monday.. :(

Still its arrived...... Reg number is CU 52 WRC look out for me on Monday will be on M4 & M5

that sounds like a pretty cool plate, WRC eh? is this just chance or did you choose it yourself?

I got MA52 OVJ, and it comes on Tuesday!

Helps if your mate works for Renault..

Plate was luck really, but was put aside for me 3 weeks ago...

Have just rang my boss and now got Friday, Saturday off, so will pick her up tomorrow, cant wait, havent had a set of wheels for 5 weeks after selling my 21 Turbo & 5GTT.

First new car I have ever had so really excited:D:D

I agree you will love it, had mine nearly a week now and the silly grin still hasnt vanished from my face yet.

Amazing car for 13k. Be careful though my brother nearly lost control of his cup racing my mk2 cliosport the other day, under heavy braking, I can see this braking being a prob, as we tested both from 80 to 0, and the mk2 definately stops quicker on the road (you drive a lot more races on the on the road than the track).Still, nothing else comes close for 13k.

Bye Bye

The 5GTT that we just sold didnt have abs so Im hoping this braking problem wont be an issue, also my 21 Turbo abs never used to workhalf the time. Still havent really entered the modern world of cars with lots of electronic wizardry :D:D