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Sheff Clio Owner

A member of this great Club gave me the details of the Club and I would like to thank him as I keep missing him when I see him!

Thanks whoever you are!

You drive a blue 172 and live in Walkley in Sheff! I visit my bird there! and your 172 made me blow all my cash on my Cup!



possibly ! cant remeber the reg as Im not a stalker but thanks to the gut thinks it an 02 plate!

If its any use he brays it and has just had some new tyres put on as I was intersted to see what he was running!

Top Bloke !
  mk2 172

how did you happen accross him then? what made you get a cup what he did, its probably rhys, his is an 02 plate
  Golf GTTDI 130PD

Has it got shockingly large rims????

I might have seen it at the sheffield cruise at the weekend?

Well im a grad and loved the look of the 172 and I saw his at where me girl lives and I originally wanted a 172 then I saw the Cup and now I have one!

All be it with a lot of sweat an swearing at Reg Vardy!

I think he signed his note to me SHS or something simillar, he put the note on me winderscreen!

Top Bloke, love the site!

Cant wait for a meet!!!

What do you drive just in case i see ya around Sheff!
  mk2 172

mines a williams, im from donny but wev had a few meets in the strines or whatever there called, its always a good place but the weather a bit off for what we get up to over there. whats a grad