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Shell Optimax Cards

just went and filled up so now ive got 12

Toyota Celica T Sport
Maserati Spyder
Toyota Corolla T Sport
Chrysler Crossfire Coupe
Skoda Superb Elegance
MG TF160
Skoda Octavia RS
Lexus SC430
Caterham R500
TVR Tuscan S
Lexus GS430
TVR Cerbera Speed Twelve

but still mising these 6!!

Maserati Coupe
Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland
Morgan Aero 8
Noble M12
Reliant Ambra
Ferrari 575M Maranello

got 1 new one and 5 doubles (!

Hey Tubs,

Ive got the Maseratti, Morgan and Cherokee you need!!!

How do you fancy 25k instead of 50??!?!?!?

Should be getting some more cards of mi own on the way south the weekend so ill see if i can get some more.

Combined we would only need 3 more!!!
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Im collecting them and Ive got 15. And thats only from 3 fill ups.

Somehow the other 3 may evade me forever, but Ill keep going!



u luck git!!!!!!!!!!

i used to put £30 a go in my motor twice a week now i put £10 pound a go to get more packs and still end up with the same ones!

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams


I only ever put 10 quid in a time in the clio which lasts me a week usually depending on how much I use it.

Might have to do a bit more driving to fill it up more often now


this is going of the subject a bit but how much are people getting in mpg on the mk2 172s?????

i know i cain mine a bit but it never gets higher then 22.5 combined and about 29 on motorway!

its only done 4300 miles on it, is this normal???



that means that there is something wrong then doesnt it??? oh when i said cain it most of the time i meant all of the time but its still down on 29 init

wat r others getting???

cos if everyone is getting high 20s i better tell the dealer wen it goes in on tuesday to ave the suspension sorted to see wats up with it.


I wouldnt worry RS-TUBS if your caining it all the time it would be that low. If you managed 100% throttle thoughout (spelling) your journey you will be close to 9mpg maybe alittle higher But I would still get it checked out at your dealership.

  Silver Fabia vRS

18 mpg @ Palmersport / 32 mpg when thrashing on roads / 38 mpg motorway.

Did this from the start although I now have 11300 miles on the clock.
  CTR EK9 turbo

I got 13 and loadsa swaps, but i need: ferrari, speed 12, spyder, noble M12, skoda RS.

I wonder how many ferraris there are out there?