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shift light

Anyone installed a shift light in a 182 ?

I have an Omex Shift Light Sequential (bought back in 1997) which Id like to install.
Any info on the wireing to the tacho, getting behind the dash etc would be most appreciated.
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has one as standard mate.....look at the bottom right of the instrument panel when approaching redline and you will see it.

lol, good luck flogging your Clio on here Gary. ;)

wow, just looked at the specs, you really have to rev the 182...
max power at 6500rpm and max torque at 5250rpm
thats a pretty small range for keeping things moving.

the v6 is 7150 and 4650

Quote: Originally posted by Pete on 14 August 2005

Its doesnt have one as standard it has an ouch here comes the limiter light not a shift light.

I hit the "ouch here comes the limiter" light more often than not

Omex came back to me, Im looking for the "tachometer output from the ECU",
and need to use the adaptor if its a "coil-per-plug engine".

Anyone know a tech support email address from Renault please ?

Local dealer should know.

As for the rev-range for the bhp and torque on the 182 and v6s, well 2 extra cylinders and a larger displacement tend to change where the power is distributed :)
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any more news on this. trying to find where this green wire goes. it says either to the negative of the coil or from one of the wires from the speedo