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Short term insurance

right come may it will be time to renew my insurance, but by july it will have been 3 years since my accident which i had to claim, as most insurers ask any accidents in the last 3 years (i appreciate that some ask the last 5 years) can i get short term insurance for 2 months at a decent price or just keep on canceling a policy i take out before i get penalised for canceling it, as itl be alot cheaper saying 2 years ncb no accidents as opposed to 2ncb 1 accident 2 years 10 month ago?

the other option is to go without a car for 2 months but come on we all know this isnt an option,

that 1 accident is unlikely to have affected the price of your policy anyway, get a guote with the claim and wihtout, id be surprised if it was any different