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Should I keep my valver


ClioSport Club Member

I bought my valver just over a month ago, and I havent really had chance to grow to love it yet. I had it two weeks and it started losing coolant, hence my head gasket posts. It was under warrenty for a month so all the work was paid for.

The cars now been in the garage since last monday - they rang me yesterday to tell me it was ready and I could come and pick it up. I said you bring it to me and they said ok, but then the delivery driver rang me to say he took it out for a test before they put it on the trailer and the oil temp was 100 degrees. Plus it was overheating. The guy thought that it was a thermostat that hadnt been replaced???

Also on the registration documents it says "Chassis differs from mainfile" which made me think RINGER! but Ive had HPI and Experian checks and they says its kosher.

Is it time to ask for my money back? Im just worried that Ill have problem after problem with it. Having said that - new head gasket etc and it should go for a while yet - (currently on 86,000 miles).

Need some help please!!!!

Id chop it in and get a better example - they arent cheap when they go wrong. I have a real love hate relationship with mine

I love clios, but ive had experience with cars like that in the past.

I had a GTI-R that had problems from day one when i bought it and progressively got worse. It overheated, then it needed a new head gasket, then a new ECU and so on, eventually the crank shaft cracked and basically wrote the car off cos the engines are so expensive. I should have got rid of it while it was still worth something, instead of losing £1000s.

I love the 16v i have now, its ten years old and ive not had a problem yet.

I went from a gti-r to a clio too. I found that the fun of driving had returned.....until the clio caught fire that is!! Still on the prowl for a decent 16v tho?!

Ive had to spend £3000 + since November on mine (thats without any moding). But if youre committed, youll have a very fine example at the end that will never let you down for driving fun - which is why most of us are here.

Persevere mate, all valvers have a tantrum in the cooling dept. once or twice in thier lives, its par for the course. However get it fixed and care for it and you will be happy with it.

Besides if it turned out to be a ringer, HPI equifax will pay you the value of the car anyway, so no worries.

I have had hassles with my valver, but I am glad I hung onto it.

Alex M
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah its all hassles with a valver! You get used to it I can assure you, maybe we should have a top ten of how much people have spent on them in the last year. I must be looking at 5 grand, can anyone beat that? I must need my head examined. (BTW if youre wondering, thats stage 2 head and cams, new gearbox, clutch, driveshaft, wishbones, power steering pump, modifying the ignition electronics, progressive nitrous controller, 18" rims, two wheelbearings, brake pads all round and ARB bushes... Theres probably other stuff as well that I cant think of. Still, the one good thing is that I have virtually built the car myself and I know its all straight. The only original parts now are the bottom end of the engine, the brake cylinder and the bodywork. Everything else has been replaced and/or uprated at one time or another during my ownership, including 2 cambelt changes. In fact...anyone wanna buy it? 15 grand ono!

lol @ Nick!!

I presume youll be at the Saaaffend meet on Sat night? Ill be there with Pete (Smoothed Clio) - having polished my car properly this time as I got a comment that I should wax it!!!