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show me your mk1 1.4rt


1.4 RT phase 1
  K9 EVV
nice all of themm... would have a pic of mine, put its abit shabby needs the arches painted at rear, new wheels and good t cut and polish


  MK7 GTD & Mini GP
they aint up to date pics, its has got lower than that since due to the low profile tyres... will get some up todate piccies.

-60mm apex 50 profile tyre on renault 5GT turbo rims

thanks pal
  Fiesta ST
It's a 1.4 Maxim S but pretty much the same thing. No mods atm.


On top of the White Cliffs of Dover waiting for the ferry:


Here it is in Switzerland (made it 3500 miles around Europe!!)

  RenaultSport clio 182
few pics of my old RT that had a 1.6 meggy lump fitted before i bought the williams

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  Renault Clio mk1 1.4
my rt


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  A silver Honda
£1300 as it is now, that's the lowest i'm going.

Otherwise i will just break all the non-standard bits on it and sell the car for a lot less.:dapprove:
My Old RT when i was 17.
It ended up being lowered 60mm on TSW venoms (nice......) with a valver bonnet and painted bump strips all round.

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  6/468 17poo
My 1.4 sport has been good to me!!!now saving for a 172!
Lowered 60/40 on konis all round, superlegs 15/195/45, stainless exhuast thats it, the ghey sport badges are standard im not a chav :)



  K9 EVV
cheers for the photos... my rt is just my runner round but got my self some roral wheels just like the ones in the photo(white) going to get my arches sprayed as they are rusty the a good polish de badge and done... hopefully get it done in a few weeks.