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sidemount question for seats

  Renault Clio

Just wondering the deal with sidemounted bucket seats, i just have this vision of them being pretty much mounted on the floor of the car where as if i used a sub frame there would be more of a gap between the floor and seat?

Reason i ask is because i dont want to be sitting TOO low down like on the floor for example. Just not sure how it works
Good luck finding a clio subframe that accepts a sidemount. I searched the whole feckin' planet, and in the end I had to modify a basemount subframe to suit !
Na, the sidemount brackets are universal and are supposed to be bolted onto the floor, but if you look at the bolt configuration on the clio you'll see that one side is offset from the other by a good few inches. So it's necessary to have a flat, low subframe that matches the floor bolt config, and you bolt the sidemounts to that. Hope this makes sense, kinda hard to explain without looking at it.
  Corsa Van. Meh.
I had an engineering firm im friendly with make me a set of custom made plates that sit of the floor and that the side mounts bolt into.....they also raise the seat up a bit