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Sidewall damage...

  Arctic 182
I dont know how this happened, as the tyre was on the alloys i bought, and has loads of tread left. Obviously any kind of tyre damage is dangerous to a degree, but should i be rushing to change this tyre or would anyone just keep it on the car, bare in mind, there are no threads showing.
  AGH the sl*g
i would say it should be ok as its not to deep but would def recommend running it on the rear.

Ol’ Tarby!

ClioSport Moderator
I've ran one like that on the rear for over a year and its been ok, passed two MOTs with it too which I was a bit suprised at. Finally being replaced next week tho
  AGH the sl*g
It's more cuts they are concerned about as you can't tell how deep they go but this you can see has only shaved a few mm off or if you have a 5th matching alloy run this as your spare?
  1.2 16v
if you get pulled the police will probably tell you to get a new one, but only illegal/mot fail if there is a tear or rip or anything like that.