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Silver Mk2 ClioSport Middlesbrough

  Megane Sport F1 :)
This morning on riverside park road/high force road at around 8.10am. It had what looked to be a Matt black roof and was decked on some tidy rims. Looked really nice!! I was in the yellow mk3 Clio sport 2 cars behind.I

  Megane Sport F1 :)
Yeah mate I was in the liquid yellow 182 :) saw ur car from miles away so tried to catch up but was quite a few cars between us lol! U work up that way? Never seen your car before pal
  Megane Sport F1 :)
Ah right! Yeah I work in collingwood court mate. What's the spec of your clio bud?
  Megane Sport F1 :)
Just had a browse through ur build thread,car looks nice mate. Nah Iv not got a build thread up,I don't post up much so havnt bothered lol! Maybe I should though..
  2004 Clio 182 cup
yep the most common is black there is me and my dad with one and there is one in the next street from me