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Sim City 4 for 9p!

  1.6 Ford Focus
Downloading now :D

Edit: Or I almost was, I have paid but the download link does not work... It just refreshes the page.
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  1.6 Ford Focus
The download link just comes up with season timed out now and the FAQ is riddled with errors.

Nice one gamestation.
won't run in win7 properly , even if you use the option to run with xp settings. i couldn't get the game to run for more then an hour then after my city got really big etc wouldn't run for more then a few minutes. Shame really as a loved this game when it first came out.

Works fine for me....even left it running over night to generate millionz

Stupid question - Will this run on MAC?

No it doesn't :(. I've got it on steam but its a windows only.


ClioSport Club Member
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yeah £24.99 for me to :(

anyone wanna post up a download link ;)
  1.6 Ford Focus
Looks like the 9p was an accident, however if someone has paid for it they have to provide it :D

Download links are still not working though.
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some guy in the HotUKDeals thread posted the download link and I couldn't manage to pay successfully via paypal, but was able to download it from his link, it was ofcourse quickly removed.
  1.6 Ford Focus
Damn, I have the download link gamestation gave me and the email but neither links work.

They are ignoring their emails as well.
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Bought this the other week as I was in the mood for a GOD type game.

Picked it up off steam. Spent a good few hours on it. Worked fine under windows 7 on both my main PC and my macbook in bootcamp.
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Definitely looking to get this (again). Was annoyed at missing the gamestation deal, but I do like having my games on steam anyway :cool: