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Skoda splitter on rear bumper

Anyone ever thought/done this?
The splitter makes such a differnce on the front bumper and always thought the 172 rear bumper sat high so was wondering if anyone had fitted one and if it would look any good or not


ClioSport Club Member
  182 Trophy
I'd be keen so see black lower side skirts than something on the rear.
Anyone done this?

The Crumb Master

ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Back in the day, people with Novas used to nail Seat Cordoba splitters to their rear bumpers.

This tells you the type of people that carry out such modifications.


ClioSport Club Member
Would be a great paracute!
As for Novas I added this to mine.. :p
My cousin had a laguna splitter on the back on his Nova Sr in the day. It was colour coded and look 'phat' at the time. Would just look silly now.