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sky broadband connecT?

  Leon Cupra 300
anyone use this? i got offered it but seems s**t i can't recieve the other packages... ?

whats it like? how does it work?
  Audi S3 225
DONT DO IT! I was on connect for a while, at first it was ok until they introduced the traffic shaping. The internet use in the evening was laughable, xbox live was impossible, speed tests would show an average of 0.3mbs. During the morning and day it was fine though, no issue's at all.

I'm now on sky unlimited and very happy with the service. Have a read up on lots of knowledgeable people on there and very helpful.

  Leon Cupra 300
cheers for that mate... because my area exchange hasnt been upgraded i cant use sky unlimited etc... this connect is apparently a product of bt...

ive had to go for it anyway but they have done it for £6 a month so happy enough with that, has to be better than the usb dongle thing am using presently !
  Audi S3 225
also forgot to say youtube videos wont load after 6pm! We were paying a fiver as we had the tv and phone package. Now paying £10 for the unlimited. Good luck, seems to effect some more people more than others.


ClioSport Club Member
  A blue one.
connect is utterly useless between 6pm and midnight, youtube, iplayer and downloading just don't work properly because of the shaping.

The LLU packages are fine though as I previously had one of these.
  Leon Cupra 300
aye dont sound any worse than what i use now the dongle... ill go to unlimited thing when it gets activated in my area... anyone know how to check?