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Sky/TV help?>?>

Just noticed when the credits of a film are on, the black background appears a greenish black, but when i press select on my sky remote, it changes to a nice black, but then when i press back up, it changes back to the greenish colour? any ideas?
Uh......last time i help you wi detailin products!!

Nah maybe try resetting your digi box or ring up sky n complain like hell n get a month for free??
Lol, think its somethin to do with my tv, will have a play about with my contrasts/colours and brightness etc.. thanks for your 'help' ;)
  Citroen DS3 DSport
Have you swapped between RGB and PAL settings in the Picture Setting menu? Check which looks best on your TV?
no i havent mate, but i played around with the contrast bits, and seemed to have got it looking better :)