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Smoke alarm

Its like the smoke cloak system we had at a company I used to work for, and bloody hell, you aint seen an open plan office of 60+ people clear so quick, cos within 5 seconds of the system going off (we had a good few false alarms) you couldnt see a fcuking thing! youd have to feel your way out round all the desks etc.... bloody effective! I wouldnt wana steal anything in that!

So, for a car, well, itd be very effective I think, and if it leaves no residue then its perfect, as long as it cannot false alarm at all! (Just think if that thing went off whilst you were zooooooming down a motorway! :sick:

Seriously, this is a fantastic product, and should stand along side the Autowatch 68HI which is an immoboliser which kicks in after a 40 second period of driving - unless you do a secret action in the car (ie kick a hidden button or something)

Thats COOOOOOOOL only need the rotating number plates and oil guns now and were sorted. Seriously its a good idea. Especially if your alarm doesnt false. Which mine doesnt.


Toad did it ages ago but stopped it for the reasons mentioned above.

Remember the little camera they did too so that you can see who nicked your stereo???

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Anyone seen the 6 foot flame throwers that came from under the car if anyone tries the door handles. Only legal in South Africa I think. Madness!! But effective no doubt!

A sparklets bulb and some non perfumed talc in a cardboard tube...

spray them with talc.. then mention anthrax in a note that falls from the sun visor...

usually works... (the note has the address of the local nick with a suggestion that they might have an antidote)