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Smoothing doors and arches..........

Is there anyone out there who has done this? I need some advice on the best way to do it, some people have said, the best way is to fill in with lead and then fill and prime, can anyone offer any advice?
  350z & 16v Maxi

I am getting mine done just now, i am getting all the holes welded first and then a composite filler which when hardend does not crack. Im not doing it myself so thats all the help i can be.

No - it will crack up eventually, especially with the strain the 16v gives its shell. Just think of all the creaky sunroof stories youve heard!
  Clio Gtt

as i said marcus if you want the roof done get it lead filled thats the only way it wont crack but its very expensive

Ok I have given up on the idea of smoothing the roof rack things, all I want to smooth is the doors and arches, I have seen quite a few with it done and just wanted to find out how it had been doen so I can get Juss to sort it out;)
  Clio Gtt

i think we should speak to jeff cos a mate of mine works in dawsons and they use a flexible filler, so i might be able to ge thim to nik some. the side will have to fiber glass or weld over the back
  350z & 16v Maxi

I am getting my roof gutters done, they are being wielded first and then that composite filler is being used. The filler doesnt crack.
  Clio 197

Clio Lead Sleds! What is this world coming to? I thought the 49 Mercury was the last one to ge tthis treatment.