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Snow foam

  F56 MINI Cooper S
Thinking of buying a karcher pressure washer but dont know what else i'll need when snow foaming my car. Obiviously ill need the machine, do i also need to buy a snow foam lance seperately or can i use the detergent gun that comes with the pressure washer? The snow foam lance on its own is £45, and if i do need this, do i just clip it to my machine?


ClioSport Club Member
Here's a pic, after letting it dwell for a few mins.



ClioSport Club Member
  986'S 172ph1+182FF
i was thinking about snow foam to, then i thought what will it do differntly from a good old handwash with a good detergent?


nothing really mate, just make it slightly easier, as it will "soften" the dirt.


ClioSport Club Member
A thick foam will cling onto the car longer [5-10 mins] helping to remove dirt grime the car.

I always follow up with the 2 bucket method anyway.


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  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
To get decent foam results you will need...

Pressure washer
Snow foam
Snow foam gun.

I got mine from i4deatailing.

You don't necessarily need a foam lance , there's a cheaper alternative ;)

I use my pressure washer all the time . First remove all the loose dirt with a good blast , then i run a short hose into a 25 litre fermenting bin from a home brew shop , costs about a tenner . Fill it with warm water and a couple of capfuls of shampoo , any shampoo will do , but i usually use the extreme wash n wax from carwashnwax . Then soak the car with foam , let it dwell a while then blast that off with the pressure washer and then continue with the 2 bucket method of washing the car .

I've never used a gilmour , but imo i think they are alot of money for what they are considering a pressure washer is only 20 - 30 quid more .




Save yourself 50 quid and spend it on some decent shampoo ;)
  106 GTI
foam lance decreases the risk of swirls, due to removing dirt etc without actual contact
  Mondeo TXS Bardge.
can you apply snow foam with the detergnet bottle thing that comes with most pressure washers? or does is need to be the snow foams lance, things as the lance cost more than your average pressure washer.


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  VW Golf GTD
I put an inch of snowfoam then fill to top with water, could easily do 2 card with that much TBH, but i use it all on one.