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snow pictures of the DCi and mates Fabia VRS


ClioSport Club Member
few snow pictures from the other day, what a noisey pair these are lol!!







currently trying to source a set of white 197/200 speedlines for the DCi and a set of 40mm springs


ClioSport Club Member
How do you like/getting on with the GT?

love it, its so cumfy, well built, nice to drive and handles awesome! it lacks power, got a nice torque band but imo needs 220lb/ft or so! (they have 180 as standard) ive rarely had it over 2.5krpm just cruise about in it. 2krpm in 6th gear is 75mph. however so far its not been great on fuel compaired to my old 100, its doing 49mpg this week which is ok but not the 60 odd my 100 could do! if i take it really easy i can get high 50s but thats not the way i drove the 100!

but overall i love it. makes the ph1 more special when you drive it too lol