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Software issues

  2020 Renault Clio RS
Good morning, new to this so please bear with me until I get the hang of things!

I have a 5 month old 2020 Clio RS Line. Had from new. As a car I love it ................BUT boy have I had software issues - from the SOS feature activating itself and calling the police to various warnings on the binnacle displaying randomly, alarms chiming, auto stop start not working, push button start coughing like it has Covid........

It has been into Renault 3 times - for as much as 6 days at a time and as much as some of the above gets fixed, other things happen - like warnings about the rear windows and an ESC warning?? The car is back with Renault right now.

In short, for this model, have others on this forum had such issues??

I use it for my driving school so when I restart in April I need to have peace of mind it's ok.

Any thoughts???
  Clio RS 200 EDC
Wow.. I thought they would've fixed some of these issues by now. My '13 RS Clio throws me random ESC warnings whenever I've changed back from Race mode back in to either Standard or Sport, and only happens when I start the car on the next use. That SOS feature self activating is a bit scary though 🤔 :ROFLMAO:.

Might just be a software upgrade/update that fixes it, maybe.. time will tell but it's certainly strange for a 5 month old..