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Some 172 Private Reg’s........

  320d M Sport

While scanning to see if "My" number plate is still for sale (P44DYS-only £400!!!!!) I found these few, take a look see what you think.....

FXI 172-£560
LES 172-£4200
REG 172-£3200
POW 172-£2180
ROY 172-£4800
MAX 172P-£1330

Not bad eh?


ps-got em off

At Mean Street Cruise last Saturday there was some black guy in a Tuscan with the plate N3GGER!!!

Its fair to say he looked pretty gangsta!!

BTW "GTT 16V" is available for 2kish
  320d M Sport

Hmm, where can I find enough for this. I saw an escort with H1 BPM once, needless to say it had a feckin loud stereo.