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Some People!

  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Was in a scrappy in Gloucester today, and they had a naple red valver in (50-60k miles, looked pretty mint etc) but heavy pass rear wing damage, and some damage on most panels. Had nice rear spoiler, and brand new callipers all round. £800ish if anyones interested in it - comes with replacement rear wing ready to fit apparently... pm me for the phone number

Anyway..... everyone was walking past it saying ooh nice valver etc, but one said oh look at the Clio Williams there,,,,, doh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can understand if its blue, but not red!! lol


ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8

bourton on the water

im in gloucestershire

was born in cheltenham :D

we will have to have a meet then if u in gloucester :D

me n matt both in tha area !

lou aint you in worcester ???

do you go to cheltenham cruise on a sunday malice ?




ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8

i havent yet but i have thought about it.

none of my m8s live round me though so i bin scared to go on my own D:

do u all go ???


Thought about it... ! :eek:

U should so be there, lol... ! ;)

Yea we all go... heaps of us ! you should check out...

Join up, post a hello n make heaps of cruising mates ! :D

Cos the weather is a lame @ the mo is not as busy.. But still gets lots of peeps n crazy action all the time :D

And also if you into cruising we always go in a Cheltenham massive convoy (damn im pluggin our cruise here, lol) ;)

Hope to see you joining the site and out n about soon, lol ! :)
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Im actually just across the border in Herefordshire. Worc is only 14 miles from me though.

Yeah, 3 counties meet? Herefordshire / Worcestershire / Gloucestershire

who wants to organise it??
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

also I havent been to the cruise for a while there, as only have a 1.3 Fiesta to cruise in at present lol

Thats a really good idea lou ! :D

Also i have not seen you on the cruise board for time ! And me being a Site Trustee has to gather the peeps, lol ! :oops:

Just messing... Would be nice to see some of the Worcestershire lot in Cheltenham again... Last organised Cruise was a disapointment... :cry:

The next one is going to be in the end of February and is going to be huge ! Hope to see you n your willy or fezzie soon ! ;)