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Some videos...

b****cks! I did arse them up!

Just paste them into Internet Explorer or maybe someone who can be bothered might correct them!

Yes, Ive got tons of video clips of cars on my computer and plenty of room to upload them to. Ill have a look at what Ive got when I get home and get uploading...

  Golf GTi DSG

Yeh that GT40 is mental, when it follows that Brava overtaking then floors it, looks like that Fiat is standing still!

paddy - yeah! :devilish:

Just uploaded about 30 more clips. 120 odd MBytes of them. Just popping a site together with frontpage. Might as well use the web space Ive got for something. Got another 200 clips to upload overnight. Had a lot of them since last time I was on broadband.