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Somebody shoot me....

...Just got back from holiday today and after paying £500 to have a steering rack fitted, have now found out that it also needs a new steering column and core plugs which will set me back the nice amount of £747.00. Any ideas if this is overpriced?

Yeah suprise, suprise its from renault! I know theyve gotta habit of overcharging but the car in undrivable. Do you think its worth paying the extra just to get it done?

Id get a quote somewhere else to see if theyre gonna charge the same price.

Ive had my steering coloum changed, cant remember how much it cost, but Ive got the recept at home


  Shiny red R32

Havent you got a good independent garage around? They are used to working on all cars. Half the labour charges too and usually more thorough, as not normally having targets to meet they are not rushing and skipping work.