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Someone has scraped my car.

Got home today after work and noticed this.

Car has had its back facing a bush all day today so it must have happened yesterday.

Obviously there was no note or anyone coming into the store to ask whos car they had just hit.

Its not huge but its very noticable and its gone down to the plastic so im going to have to try and respray it.

Maybe now is the time for a ph2 rear swap?



  Titanium 182
I'll be able to polish most of that out with the PC mate. I have some tit paint left so we can blow it over if you want too..
  200 Gordini
Clay the black stuff and hit it with some autoglym SRP.
Then get someone around your area to polish an correct with a rotary
  Bus w**ker
TBH I think you'll struggle to correct most of that.

I'd just get the bumper sprayed and stick with the Ph1 rear end.
  corsa ecoflex
someone done the same to my ph1 earlier this year like yours...last week i finally got round to getting it sorted...had mine done in a ferrari body shop for £75,it now looks absolutely perfect
  TTRS & V50
AS said, most will machine polish off and you can touch in the rest. Will look pretty good and cost next to nothing, circa tenner. Or a bodyshop will do a blow in on the corner for about 50-100, beware though, as some blow ins i've seen are pure s**t.
Cheers guys.

Plans are to get rid of what i can with some gentle polishing, and then probably throw some new paint on with a rattle can. I've sprayed sidestrips and handles and the like before but never just one section of an otherwise good panel.