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Something lose in my roof

Has anyone removed the inner roof lining from there 16v / Williams? I think I have got a nut or screw that has came lose and is rolling about between the roof and the lining. Is it easy to remove anything I need to be careful off?

Think it’s a nut from the sunroof.


Yeah, sounds like a nut from the sunroof.

You need to remove the rubber from the inside and carfully pull the roof lining down, only slightly as not to misshape it, you will need to use a spanner to put the nut back on as a socket wont fit.

If your lucky the nut will find its way into your interior light/sunroof console then all you need to do is re-fit it.

  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Once you have retreived the loose bolt, mind your fingers when trying to refit it. There are some sharp edges around the roof!

Bob RTE talking from experience!

AKA Edward scissor hands!