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Sony Ericsson HCB-300 Bluetooth Car Kit

  53 plate 172

I was just wondering if anybody had one fitted.

Struggling to find any reviews on tinternet.


I have a Parrot CK3000 in my Williams.

Awesome. I jump in car, it connects to my phone automatically and sorted. Mutes stereo etc.. very good.

Highly recommended.
  Clio V6 255

Did have the SE HCB-30 in my old clio, but looking at getting the parrot as it is more advanced.

Can the parrot be used with the original radio? does the voice come through the car speakers? oh, and does the original radio even have a mute? thanks!


Yes, no problem

Yes, the front pair

Dont think it does but the Parrot cuts the speakers anyway so you wont hear it...your CD will just keep playing silently.