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  1. Sunglasses_Ron

    ClioSport Festival 2016 - Book Tickets Now!

    Full information and Tickets now available: See this page for 'Early bird' discount code for Paid ClioSport Club Members Only
  2. Sunglasses_Ron

    CSS15 feedback thread

    Well it's been almost a month since CSS15 and believe it or not, planning for CSS16 is already almost upon us. Please use this thread to offer us any contructuve feedback on this years event. Things we did well, things we could improve for next year. Go!
  3. AJFisher

    CSS '15 Picture Thread

    Hi everyone, I thought it would be easier to post pictures in one section to make everyone's life easier! Now I took loads of images of the first track session as then I had to dash.. Now these will take ages to sort to upload them all. So if anyone was on the first track session and wants to...
  4. Knuckles

    What's your CSS prep?

    Mine is the same as every outing I plan... A last minute, hectic rush to get everything ready. Tomorrow, I'll be washing the car, shopping for food, packing the tent (without a dry run of any of it, because I live risky) and other assorted camping miscellanea before rushing to buy a new tunnel...
  5. Sunglasses_Ron

    CSS Show & Shine Sponsored by CarPro

    We will be holding a show and shine competition at ClioSport Saturday so make sure you get your cars looking great! The guys at CarPro have kindly supplied 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. The prizes are awesome so you need to get involved in this! First prize is over £100 worth of CarPro products...
  6. Knuckles

    Northern css

    Hi! For everyone travelling from the north east, north west, Scotland, North Wales... Anyone who'll be travelling on the north side of manchester on the Friday. I'm planning to meet @sburrell93 and the Scottish lot at ferrybridge services on the M62. Time tbc but I'm guessing around 4/4:30...
  7. rams_clio

    Things for sale at CSS blyton?

    Obviously going to be a good place to trade parts etc. just wondering if there's stalls etc? Also are people taking stuff to sell?
  8. Dan

    South Wales CSS 15 convoy?
  9. Dan

    South Wales CSS 15 convoy?
  10. Dan

    CSS southwest-ish and up convoy (Friday)

    Right so it seems a few of us will be heading up on the Friday to Blyton arriving for around 5pm maybe just before to stay out of rush hour traffic. I am coming for the south west and planning to meet up with a few people at Exeter services for about 0930 to get breakfast etc and head off up...
  11. Dan1992

    Css convoy?

    Is anyone from the North east going to Clio sport Saturday next weekend and camping?
  12. Dan

    CSS 15 Time Attack Karting Event!

    So as you may have seen have pulled out all the stops for this years event. To top it off we have CSS 15 Time Attack event using the venues Honda powered outdoor Go-Karts and 600 metre track. It will cost £10 for 10 minutes of driving which includes hire of all the relevant...
  13. Nik

    CSS15 Track Session Entry List

    This is the latest bookings list for the CSS15 track sessions. This will be updated periodically so don't worry if you've recently booked and you don't appear here yet.
  14. Don

    Css West Midlands Convoy

    Hi Everyone, With 4 weeks left, we need to start looking towards organising the Convoy to Blyton. I am going to have a look at best route to get over there and then see what we can do for meeting points either to begin or on the way. Also, who is doing both Saturday and staying over just...
  15. jamesycc

    Bristol/Southwest members going to CSS this year??

    Anyone from the West Country attending CSS this year? Am 90% sure about going, been given time off for good behaviour! Just wondered if anyone wanted to drive up as a casual convoy type thing??
  16. George182

    CSS '15 East Midlands.

    It'll be CSS before we know it! It's the 1st august - incase you hadn't seen, more info here: It makes sense to have a little convoy for such an occasion. I am traveling from Leicester, via the A46 and then the A156. Plenty of opportunity for Nottingham...
  17. B

    Finding CSS within a wordpress page

    Hi, quick one I can find all the CSS for the main theme page that I've added content and added. Ive now added new pages to the site and within those pages I've added text and media but I wish to arrange some of the media and layout. I can't find a way to access the CSS for the content I've...
  18. ..Jack..

    CSS 2015

    Who's going from the area and which part of WM are you from? Let's get a list. 1) @..Jack.. Not booked but will soon 2) @Addicted Not booked yet - Worcester 3) @Don 4)@LeeRs 5)
  19. sburrell93

    [Jul 31, 2015] CSS '15 Scottish Attendance Thread (Edinburgh)

    So since the details of CSS 15 have been revealed, and tickets are now available to purchase here, I want to start planning for the drive down and get a list of who's going. The idea is to all meet up and head down in a convoy on the Friday 31st, possibly meeting up with other groups on the way...
  20. Knuckles

    [Jul 31, 2015] CSS '15 - Cheshire attendance (Chester)

    With everything up and running for CSS this year (tickets and itinerary available here I want to get a confirmed list of attendance for this region. Please RSVP to ensure you're not missed from the convoy. The idea is to leave on Friday 31st July from...
  21. Stopherson

    Who's going to Css15

    Who from the southwest will be going to css15 then or thinking about going? I'll be going and booking track time along with camping. I know @Richy182. Is dieing to camp again
  22. dmallett

    CSS 2015.

    With the tickets now live, I thought I would make a thread for the region. See whos doing what etc! Make sure to book tickets fast as things like track time will run out! @hiben1 @Daneggies1 @Rob.. @Greeny. @DannyR @AlexW @meekings14 @scaryopa @Dr...
  23. Dan

    Looking for a local band for CSS15?

    Hello everyone, We are looking for a band to play in the evening/night at CSS15 (held at Blyton race track). We would be looking for a band that can play a bit of everything and give the evening event a good atmosphere along the way :) A very fitting setup would be a band that a
  24. LeeRS

    css15 and fcs15

    Who's going from round here? I'm thinking of attending both but for a 1 day ticket only as I'm usually to busy over weekends to camp over. Just wondering who I can meet up with at either of these.
  25. T

    [Nov 14, 2014] CSSW:Central - Monthly Meet - 14th Nov - Exeter (Exeter)

    Hi CSSW:Central Members! The regular monthly meet in Exeter will now become the main monthly meet for CSSW:Central. It normally takes place on the second Friday of every month at a given venue, this time its at the Harvester Inn. It is a chance for you to meet and converse with other Clio...
  26. T

    CSSW:Central Meets - Think you would like to attend meets in the green area? Post in here!

    If you want to be kept informed about meets that will be taking place within the green area of the map, please post in here! That way, I will be able to alert you to new events taking place in my area! :)
  27. ClioSport Saturday 2014

    ClioSport Saturday 2014

    Billing Aquadrome
  28. D

    CSS'14 peoples opinions and experience

    Just thought I'd start a thread for people to relay their feelings/experiences of the show. For me, ultimately it was a bit disappointing, and having spoken to a few people I think that was the general feeling too. It didn't seem to be well catered for (if you like pork and ice cream you're...
  29. Jekyll

    *** CSS '14 Picture Thread ***

    Can all pics from the event, including videos and convoy pics, please be posted in here. This saves the many media threads and them being merged. Many thanks and let's hope it's the best one yet! :)
  30. B

    CSS who is really staying the night.?

    I really want to party with the lads, but how many are up for it?