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Sony Head Unit


This is my first post! I wonder if anyone can help me...... Ive just got a Sony RCX-R3300 head unit for my Clio (1998-R). Took the old Phillips radio out, plugged in the new unit, it worked. Brilliant!

Then I sank the unit into the dash and now it doesnt work. Have tried all the wires, fuses etc. Still dead. Took the unbit out and said everthing the manual said to do. Today took the unit back and got it tested and it works fine via another power source but not in the Clio.

Any ideas anyone??
  Polo + Micra

sounds like you have blown a fuse some where or damaged a cable behind the head unit.

have you got a multi meter?


I took ALL the fuses out last night and found that the interior lights fuse was blown. changed it. stereo works. very strange tho. dont know why that would affect the radio cos the radio fuse was ok.