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Sony KDL-40S5500

  2000 Clio 172
Does anyone have this TV? I have read some good reviews on it. Or can anyone recomend a better cheaper TV? I have 600-700 to spend and want a 40" possibly 37".

  Black Twingo GT
I bought one a few weeks ago. Traded in a black and white tv I won for a quid in a raffle, they gave me £100 off.

I really like it. Good picture quality, the upscaling really suprised me.

The panel is excellent 2 Scart inputs, 3 HDMI and Pictures etc off USB.

I'd recommend it, though I have not tried gaming on it (I have a PC for that) as it 50hz.

If you need any pics or anything then pm me.

£499.00, bargain. and it has a three year warranty.

  Black Twingo GT
Sorry McBunny was that a question or a statement?

The TV does 24p cinema but not 100hz. Though I've not seen any issues with blur really. 100hz doesn't start until W series apparently.
  BMW F21 125d
I have the KDL40w4500 and I have 100Hz/24fps, I know the set your looking at is a lower model than mine, but i can highly recommend the one i have, its mint!!!
  2000 Clio 172
I went for the series 5 samsung, its was 539, 4 hdmi, 2x scarts 1 usb. Its mint. The build quality feels better than the w range sony (which I have been using for 5 months as my friend has one but is moving out) however the sound is no where near as good as the sony. The image quality is excellent and there is not much to chose between the two. Thanks for the replies guys!