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Soon to be owner of a RB 200 Cup

  Clio Sport 200 Cup
Welcome back, have a 197 Cup myself.
thank you mate, I'm setting off at 10am this morning on a 3 hour drive to look over the car and if I like it I pay deposit and pick up next week. It needs a new cv joint the dealer told me so wants to do it for me before I can take it.


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Looks and sounds good in the advert. Hopefully it'll be as good when you go to view it.
The only thing it's lacking in my opinion are colour coded side strips and a roof spoiler.
  Clio Sport 200 Cup
Agree with both you guys. Can one of use find a pic of one with the colour coded side strips and in time I will find a set of speed lines when I've destroyed the tyres on these wheels haha. (Joking). Also will look at updating suspension. What you guys recomend? I put the eibach springs on my old 182 and loved em. Thank you


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Good luck with the viewing mate. DTM are local to me, they always seem to have a good selection of Clio's in. Be mindful that the steering columns on the Cups only have rake adjustment and not reach which can be a problem for taller drivers. You'll need to drive it home via Hartside! ;)


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  Clio Sport 200 Cup
How is the car after it 3 weeks ?
Spot on mate, thought I had a issue with the fan but going by this site and people who have owned a 200 say it's a naturally warm running engine and can normally get higher temps on the gauge when at a drive through or parked up with engine running. It's getting its first full detail tomoz and I can't wait 😂😂