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"source" clio

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Ever seen this clio, from

Vee with ice install

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mmmm, rapid rude ride's... sounds classy lol

jus found this on that site...

"Nuff respect to the owner's Design!"
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  Golf R soon...
Ross16V said:
mmmm, rapid rude ride's... sounds classy lol

Yeah lol! :D

Just happend to come across it when randomly surfing google, shows how bored I am :boring:

Dont like the alloys or exhaust
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Harry_manback said:
1.2 mate, amps are made to look like the engine!
same as this i think

Thought it was a 1.6 rsi/rxi mk2 ph1 with the ph2 front end???
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its the best attempt at veeing a non vee though, at least the wheels look right. and the amps as engines are very clever, but the rest isnt my thing!
Seen the car a couple of times, it's quite a nice motor, well it was until recently they have dabbed the bloody paint with paper to give it a marble effect :/
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DazG said:
Yeah lol! :D

Just happend to come across it when randomly surfing google, shows how bored I am :boring:

Dont like the alloys or exhaust

he's a member of the rtoc, nice under the bonnet and although not to my taste i'll let most of it slide, but that rear bumper shows a total lack of effort.. theres no shape to it, it doesn't follow any lines apart from the floor... i can't get over it!!:dead:
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WHY for the love of god do they stick v6 body kits on cars that aint vee's???
If that is a 172 then the prima racing s1600 kit would have been much better for it and it wont be trying to be something its not...
Although granted the work looks top notch... 6 tons of fibreglass doesn't equal 255bhp!
But for the money that cost Im sure he could have turbo'ed it...

Anyone thinking of using a V6 body kit should be slapped up side the head with a wet salmon!
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^^^^ that isnt a vee "bodykit" the genuine panels were sourced at huge cost i think from specialist renault spares and i read in a mag a while back the whole chassis was altered to get the arches filled properly and something about the wheelbase too :S

love that car, huge respect as its tasty and yet still an awesome sound demo car :)
i remember the guys tellin some lads at a show that they put the engine under the bonnet because the install was too big lol
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remember them mentioning about the body kit being the actual panels from a v6. Not keen on the wheels or graphics, but good efforts :)