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Southend convoy from Gatwick

Anyone going to the southend meet from Gatwick way?
Got a newbie who would like some friendly faces to convoy up with.
Rob your down that way arnt you mate?
Must be a few people coming up from there abouts.

or i could e-mail her the map of where me and james meets before the tunnel, easy to find and on the way.

If I go Ill be going thru gatwick.
Ive just got a new job though and they may expecting me to work that saturday!! Ill will know for sure nearer the time.

me and the misses will be goin from gatwick
only live 10 mins away

should be goin got a bbq in the afternoon so gotta make excuses early

Nice one guys!!
Heres her email addy.
Just say i (tony) told you to email her bout the southend meet.
I am sure she will meet you all where ever and the more the better.
Email Leanne on

See you all on the 14th


has anyone sorted out meeting her then? cause if your going through your be better than me going past... otherwise ill do it..

my misses has told her family we are going to a bbq that day and i cant get out of it

£$%£ £$%£$$£&&% %^&%^&%^^%%

pissed off

She recons she hasnt got the email?
Can you try again on
or you can get her on 07817513672 Thanx again mate

right tried again mate, if not ill send a text...

um dunno where to meet yet and what time, ill work that out!