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Southend meet tomorrow night

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Sorry this is on the wrong forum but who is going 2morrow night and where are you travelling from ?

BTW I am going from Lakeside with a few others.
  Williams 2, STi N12

Yip, Ill be there. Coming from Buckmore park in da area massive! (Sorry). Will be on mi tod if anyone fancies joining up for the ride under the tunnel.

Come to think of it saturday is also the day for this months Mean Street Cruise!
This may result in Southend being slightly less busy than usual as many regulars will be going to Mean Street instead! ...However this may work in our favour by allowing us to get a ludicrous amount of clios parked up together at the seafront!!

BTW any late night cruisers gonna be accompanying me to Basildon after Southen has died down?? Basildon is where the actions really at!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


Buckmore park by the M2 bridge ? Know it well. They race those 2 stroke karts round there and they are mental.
  Williams 2, STi N12


We are having a works do there all day in the 90mph Thundercarts, probably finish around 3.30ish. Do the general pub banter afterwards for a bit then its off to the seafront..fancy joining me on route??
  Williams 2, STi N12

Chav, sorry just seen your post right at the top. What time you going from Lakeside?
  Williams 2, STi N12

OK, Ill leave the pub and head straight for Ikea. If Im not there dont worry just leave when you have to and I will catch u down the seafront. Reckon the chances of meeting Jim will be V.slim so its probably best if I try and meet u all at Ikea. But if you see a mint Willy 2 then give me a wave!

As I have not yet picked up the Cup, can I bring along one of my other cars, as it would be good to meet up with some of you regulars.

Why is the real action @ Basildon?? Not really much there!!!

172 Cup, the real action is at Basildon because Southend seafront is FULL of coppers looking to bend you over!
A good Saturday night of cruising should be in 2 halfs! Firstly a friendly gathering at the seafront to admire all the cars and talk shop!
Then afterwards off to Basildon for a MaccyDs and some top notch burnout/doughnut/powerslide etc car park banter!!

Of course my clio has never been subjected to car park banter - ive never even fully span the wheels! I love it too much! ...But it is fun watching fools in their novas/fiestas and particuarly old bimmas rag the nuts off their cars - occasionally breaking them!!

Top work Ivan!!

And yes i think the main venue is called Festival Leisure Park - its a retail park in an industrial estate off the A127, theres a McMcs and a KFC!!...although if that gets shut down by the cops other venues include:
Pips Hill
Gloucester Park
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Glenn, you are tone I didnt speak to last time down southend. I was with TonyKL and Rockport. Pop over and say hello and I will join you on the way back if its not to late. Got to think about the wife now Im married !!

Yeah thats right Chavy!
Jamie is definately coming tomorow as well! And as he lives in Basildon i reckon he can be persuaded to come along to the cruise too!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Hold spotty 18 year old in Novas doing burnout and getting caught, cant think of a more entertaining way to spend a Sunday earlt morning out ! LOL

Is McDonalds open at that time cause I will be Hank Marvin by then ?

Hell yeah its open!! They must make a mint!!
I can honestly say that most weeks there must be hundreds of cars there!! You will see tomorow that when Southend starts to thin out - a huge convoy of modded motors will head down the A127 straight to Basildon! As you stand in the car park watching the action youll recognise all the top Southend motors as they pull in!

First time i went it was feckin chockablock!! After a good hours worth of banter the fuzz showed up!
But some guy shouted "FOLLOW THE GREEN JEEP"!!!
Looked round and this green jeep was just leaving the car park! Everyone scidaddled to thier cars and followed this jeep to one of the other venues where it all kicked off again!!
It was a classic moment just like in the fast and the furious after the street race with COPS COPS COPS!!

worry not my fellow peeps, i shall be there tomorrow!! and maybe also for the basildonmcd meet up too

not 100% if ill be joining the convoy @ lakeside with you Ivan as its alittle out my way. I think i can remember where the pub is now anyway!! so ill see you boys when you turn up...

so anyway... if you lot dont hear from me sooner... SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW at the SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAFend meet!!!

My meet you at lakeside first. Dont wait about for me tho. Ill try make it but am normaly late, so if i miss ya all ill catch up.

Glenn, Nothing much happens at Basildon anymore mate, hasnt for a while. Cant get in the car parks they have barriers. Still get a McFlurry tho!!!

Me n my mrs and youngest will be going....eta Chelmsford 6:20 then pub at Southend at around 6:45- 7:00. Cant put my foot down as daughter and her boyf are following in his Uno turbo. Hopefully will see and join a convoy on the way. If not, see ya all there.

Tonys, dont know when you last went down there? Ive been the last 2 saturdays and had a right laff!! Even took a mates camcorder to record the banter - so if you want evidence its still on....

Only kiddin mate, i agree there were barriers put in place to stop it but a)they didnt last very long! , and b) thats only at one of the venues!

btw. I will not be held accountable for a wasted journey if we get there and theres police all over it!!

Looks like Glenn is garenteeing a bit of fun at Basildon then!
Never seen 20+ angree clio drivers before. ha ha
Gonna be a good night either way.

Hi chaps, me & my mate Julia will be at the pub about 6.30 - 7.00. Hope to see my old mates there? Squirt is so excited he cant sleep....Dont think I will be doing the Basildon thing after, aint I a bit old for that at 35!!!!

OK - this has been a major decision!

I had the MOT done on me old motor today and the bill was £350 (about £320 more than I was expecting!). So Im thinking...

a) Its about time I got some use out of this darn car Ive spent £3000 on in the last 6 months
b) I might as well since Im probably not going to get the chance again (girlfriend is in Asia at the mo - she hates cars!)
c) I think I should set an example to the club - Im coming from Edinburgh for this!!!!

So, as Im not exactly local to the area, can I have someones mobile number so that I can get exact details once Im in the area?

Ill be arriving in town at about 6pm to be on the safe side.



  Shiny red R32

Ben what was up with your car and where did you have the MOT and work done?

Hi all, just found your forum, i own a couple of pug 205, on of which is car of the cruise in this months max power and the opther is a 1.9gti which is getting a mi16 conversion so hould give you 172 owners a run for ya money!!!

anyway i live in essex (billericay to be exact) and was wondering who else lives close by, as it is nice to meet up with people in the same area with similar interests



perfecto pug

ill race ya mate
wanna see how my car will compare, raced one recently and not a lot in it really,not too impressed so maybe the guy done a crap conversion


well its a work in progress at the moment

gonna have the engine in before i go back to uni (if i do!!!) in october.

will give ya a race then, be warned though my 205 is stripped and i know the std pug 205 has a weight advantage over the clio, but then i suppose you have 170bhp as opposed to my 160 so it should be close.

apparently a Mi16 205 should be able to fo 7 second 0-60 and 14.9sec qtr mile with top speed of 140-145. - not bad eh!!