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Southend Pics

  BMW 320d Sport

Wicked mate, I still chuckle to myself thinking of your devious ways of getting those photos at Donny South!

The Southend pics are the nuts mate. I love that one with us all parked at the side of the road trying to make sure everyones there...for those of you who couldnt make that particular meet, the Clios you can see lined up are only about half of the length of the actual line!


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

excellent! I forgot about that meet and the massive turnout! Cant wait till the next one, well make it earlier next time so we can get photos in daylight as well.

ha nick

No joke I really enjoyed donny south hopefully they will put it again next year(figures crossed). I think we should camp out next time, that should = more drinking. Ps more ladies;)
  BMW 320d Sport

yeah youre not wrong mate. Im on the Carnoisseur stand at some other show going on in a couple of weeks on a Saturday night at Essex arena...dont know what it is til I get there but it should be a good night out.
  ff 182

Wicked 1 guys it and was a really good meet cant wait til the next 1 should have my new car by then.
  BMW 320d Sport

Well apparently not...I only found out the other day though when Chris told me hed already booked me in for the stand!