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Southend xmas meal photos


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Hope you all had an enjoyable time.

The guy in blue seemed to have spent his time on his mobile.

Did poor Wayne survive what looked like strangulation?


No, night.icon did not spend all night on the phone and yes, I think Wayne survived - last time I looked he was still alive anyway! :eek:
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Looks like a good evening......gutted I couldnt come along :mad:

Good to see John and Ivan getting to know each other on a more one-to-one basis :eek:

And atleast we know Ivan can swear succesfully in nearly every photo he is in!
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Geoff dont know what it was but everytime a camera was pointed at me my middle finger went up ! Strange eh ?

All I can say about Jon is he was good :p
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What about Hi Ya Karate... Smells like the stuff you put in the bottom of your bin to make it smell fresh ?



No its just my youthfull looks and fantastic dress sense

with a bit of charm thrown in

that pic is so funny check the two guys trying to "learn from the master"

(check my iq on my t-shirt)


To the bird sat next to the man who spent all night on his phone sporting blue is fine AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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LOL Tom was definitely the ladies choice that night. It wasnt Old Spice or Hai Karate - it was Blue Stratos. Or maybe Denim?


ClioSport Admin
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Jonny Vaughan cost a fortune, in fact he cleared out all the club funds!!! :D