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  trophy #50
I know it's not in the right section ... But I can't post in my regional area yet.

Anyway.. Me and a few of my friends are headin down Southend later

Be cool if some of you guys wanted to come and play as well =]
not sure on times yet as I'm still in bed
Prob get there for eightish?!


ClioSport Club Member
  Mint 1*2's for sale-
Yesss.. Dogging out past Mint casino-- £10 a ticket-- especially as you have a nice rack

  Ph1 track 172
tbh, i dont like southend anymore
its cold and dank and very few people actually go there anymore!

ill be over lakeside tonight,
either in my car, or my mates golf,
its a lot better than southend, id recommend it!! lol

and if you see a mk1 clio with a carbon bonnet about, give me a beep!