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Spacer conundrum (sp) ?

  TT 225
I want 10-15mm spacers but since searching i have found:

  • Hubcentrics are best.
  • FK's hubcentrics need milling down to fit
  • Delta mics are toffee and the wheel bolts worse.
  Ph1 track 172
do you know if 10-15mm would mean you need to bolt the spacer to the hub, then the wheel to the spacer??

they might be too thin for that, in which case get delta mics and buy some extra long strong bolts.
  Ph1 track 172
yes delta mics are fine if you change the bolts,

but tbh, ive had delta mics on my car for a while and not changed the bolts.

but theres many types of spacers,

1, crappy little universal rings that go between the wheel,
2, long hubcentrics where your spacer fits the spigot on your hub, and has another spigot the same size on the end for the wheel to sit on,

these have 8 holes in them, 4 to bolt the spacer to the hub, then another 4 to bolt the wheel to the spacer, the 25mm spacers are defs this design, but im not sure on the smaller ones.

3, Smaller hubcentrics, these are like the crappy universal rings, but they too fit the bore of the hub correctly, and have a spigot on the spacer for the wheels to sit on, but like the first spacers, they only have 4 bolts and you just get longer bolts to fit. NOTE these are still refered to as hubcentrics as they still have to lip on the spacer.

if the spacers you buy are the 3rd, then getting new bolts will be really easy,
however if theyre the 2nd type, the bolts supplied (to bolt the spacer to the hub) have very short heads, and replacement bolts may be hard to find,

unfortunatley im not sure when they change from the 3rd type to the 2nd type, so may be best to know exactly what spacers your getting, but id steer well clear of the 1st type mentioned,

hope this helps.
  Ph1 track 172
if theyve got longer bolts, theyd be the 3rd type i mentioned, but like i said, i really dont know what design delta mics go for in the 13mm ones, id guess its the same as the FK ones, in which case you can get them and pic up new bolts really easily.
  TT 225
Think thats what im going to go for tbh. Cant believe FK ones need milling to fit. Anybody know which but of the spacer needs milling as i could do it myself if i knew which bit.