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  Oyster Card
Whats the proper view on these, are the horror storys true do they make your wheels fall off, eat your bearings etc..

I need 20mm ones for my new wheels and a little worried about using them.
  Chocolate Bar™
Get hubcentric ones a lot safer than normal spacers especially if you want 20mm. Go for eibach or FK, and you should be fine
  2015 Audi S3 Stage 3
ive 16mm hubcentric ones on my deisel clio and ive had no problems - maybe slight steering wheel vibration :S

ive new 25mm ones going on this weekend but ive a mate who has the same on his clio for 5 years with no probs!
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
Its not the spacers themselves that are the problem. Its when you use them to increase the offset to far more than standard and put extra load on your wheel bearings that spacers are a problem. If you are only using them to correct for wheels that have the wrong offset then the spacers are good.